ABA at Building Bridges also offers Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA)

A Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) refers to a group of assessment procedures that are used to help us understand the reason why problem behavior occurs, so that we can best provide intervention services. In other words, by determining the reasons why problem behavior occurs, we can recommend, design, and implement an intervention that directly addresses those reasons.  An FBA may include, but is not limited to: interviews with parents or other caregivers, rating scales completed by adults familiar with the problem behavior, direct observation and data collection in the natural environment, a formal analysis providing a comprehensive and a systematic method for confirming the function of a behavior. This is needed when a child has problem behavior that is interfering with his home, family or school life. If a parent or teacher do not know what else to do to for a child with behavioral challenges, we can help!

How do I access ABA services?

Please call our office (734-454-0866) to speak with our office administrator. If you will be utilizing health insurance to cover the costs of ABA services, you will be asked to submit a full diagnostic report prior to initiating services. 

Phone: 734-454-0866

     Fax: 734-454-1744
       46200 Port Street 

Plymouth, MI  48170


ABA Services at Building Bridges and Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA)

Our approach to ABA services is to create a fun and motivating therapeutic atmosphere that includes the natural environments for the client and uses an errorless method to teaching new skills. We recognize the value of an interdisciplinary team and will actively collaborate with other providers your child may see (e.g., OT, PT) to ensure coordination of goals. All ABA services at Building Bridges are provided and/or supervised by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), and include:

  1. ​​An individualized assessment, tailored to the client and his/her clinical concerns.
  2. The development of an individualized treatment plan.
  3. Intervention, which many include training for parents and caregivers for implementing the treatment plan, direct therapy from a therapist, and ongoing consultation and monitoring.

​​Services Available:

  • Home and center-based services are available
  • Services models range from targeted, short-term intervention focused on addressing a few areas of concern, to long-term, ongoing programs addressing a wide range of skills and behaviors.


Is ABA right for my family?

  • ABA has been documented as effective to address a wide range of skill deficits and problem behaviors for individuals with autism spectrum disorders or other developmental disabilities of all ages.
  • We believe ABA requires a true team approach for success – and this team includes your family
  • ABA may be right for your family if you are able to commit to being an integral part of the team.

Verbal & Applied Behavior Analysis (VBA/ABA) Programs

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