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Feeding Program

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When it comes to eating with your child, there is the potential for it to be an overwhelming experience. At Building Bridges, an Occupational Therapist will provide a comprehensive feeding evaluation. We collect information from you, your child, and any other people who have valuable insight into your child’s eating experience.  We will move at your child’s pace and provide a nurturing, caring environment for them to progress.

Our feeding evaluation and therapy addresses the following:
  • Weak or non-existent suck
  • Decreased jaw strength, stability, or movement
  • Lack of tongue strength or coordination
  • Inability to chew or move food within the mouth
  • Inability to transition to developmentally appropriate foods/textures
  • Inability to drink from a bottle, cup, or straw
  • Issues with swallowing
  • Transitioning from a G-tube or NG-tube to solid foods
  • Eating over an extended period of time
  • Eating too quickly/stuffing food into mouth 
  • Pocketing food/food sitting in cheeks
  • Picky Eaters (eat 30 or less foods) /Problem Feeders (eat 20 or less foods)
  • Gagging, goosebumps, flushed cheeks, or other physical symptoms while eating
  • Decreased ability to follow a meal-time routine or stay at the table during mealtimes
  • Decreased ability to use utensils for eating
  • Use the SOS Approach to Feeding (Toomey) (Play-based therapy)
  • Use of the Beckman Oral Motor Approach

**Building Bridges Therapy Center does not believe in or utilize force feeding techniques.

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